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The rules to kickass negotiation

November 13, 2012
  1. m3crowd
    Our event on negotiation for working mums is about to start @Econsultancy hash tag is #m3neg
  2. greenwellys
    With the @m3crowd talking kick ass negotiation….#m3neg
  3. AllthingsIC
    M3 #m3neg about to start so Miss M is chatting with guest speaker @jesschivers cc @m3crowd
  4. m3crowd
    Looking at salary gap between men an women and link with negotiation skills #m3neg
  5. m3crowd
    Ask. If you don’t you definitely won’t get #m3neg
  6. m3crowd
    Men nine times more likely to ask for finance than women #m3neg @jesschivers
  7. m3crowd
    Flexible Working means much more than a reduction in hours #m3neg
  8. m3crowd
    Presenteeism and measuring output still a big failing #m3neg
  9. m3crowd
    As you get older, negotiation gets harder #m3neg
  10. m3crowd
    Do women feel too grateful for any flexible working granted to negotiate anything further ? #m3neg
  11. m3crowd
    Women wait to be noticed and results recognised #m3neg
  12. m3crowd
    Why do others’ perceptions matter when we are negotiating? Why do women accept the first offer so often? #m3neg
  13. m3crowd
    Some companies seem to have a strong history of making women on mat leave redundant #m3neg
  14. m3crowd
    Tips for negotiation: ask, do yr research, promote your results not yourself, benchmark #m3neg
  15. m3crowd
    Tips for negotiation: balance humility with promoting results – by proxy you promote yourself #m3neg
  16. m3crowd
    Tips for negotiation: take a calculated risk #m3neg even if it doesn’t succeed, you have chance to talk about yr results an achievements
  17. m3crowd
    Tips for negotiation: your success is not a fluke, you can do it again! #m3neg @jesschivers
  18. m3crowd
    Negotiation: what is your value? How much is it worth? @jesschivers #m3neg
  19. m3crowd
    Negotiation: don’t set a trend of under valuing yourself #m3neg
  20. m3crowd
    How to pitch flexible working: is there a policy? Consider boss’ perspective. Seek support/allies. Create a solution to a biz prob. #m3neg
  21. AllthingsIC
    Listening to @jesschivers talking through negotiating tactics @m3crowd #m3neg
  22. m3crowd
    Negotiation: separate what you NEED from what you’d LIKE #m3neg @jesschivers
  23. m3crowd
    Negotiation: policies change, suggest why it is outdated or could be interpreted differently #m3neg
  24. m3crowd
    Discuss your proposal and be prepared to negotiate, know your deal breakers #m3neg
  25. m3crowd
    Negotiating pay: “when you’ve had a baby, believe your time is worth more not leas sous in how much it is worth to leave yr kids” #m3neg
  26. m3crowd
    Negotiation: tell your company you want to come back. Be positive about it and at start of negotiation. Dont assume it won’t work. #m3neg
  27. m3crowd
    Some great case studies in @jesschivers book Mothers Work #m3neg
  28. AllthingsIC
    Is a great group of people @JBurns82. Heard about it via @bmcmichael and recommend checking out their FB page -search M3 cc @m3crowd #m3neg

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